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Principal's Message

Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School!

We are very proud of our Lincoln “family” and all that goes on in our neighborhood school.  Lincoln staff, students, parents and community come together to work together to provide an environment where we learn and grow jointly to help each other.

At Lincoln, we are proud of all we have accomplished and continue to accomplish.  Not only do we provide a college and career curriculum for all our students, but we also provide our students with opportunities to grow in the arts and to become contributing members of our society. We are proud to boast that our schools “Ballet Folklorico”group that has performed yearly at the LA County Fair, California Disney Showcase, Pomona Christmas Parade and other community functions for the past 7 years.  Additional activities such as a Robotics Club, Student Council, etc. also provide opportunities for students to learn skills necessary for their future.

We are very excited this new school year, especially since we will be going 1:1 with our chrome books.  Starting in September, ALL our students will be provided with their own laptops in order to personalize learning to the next level.  Students in grades 3-6 will be allowed to take them home to continue learning.

We are happy to have an active Parent Teachers Association (PTA) at Lincoln Elementary. They will continue to support the classrooms by organizing room parents, volunteers, book fairs, recognition ceremonies to celebrate student achievement, Thanksgiving baskets for community members in need and so much more.  We encourage you to join PTA and participate in our school community.  Our continued success depends on us working together as a team for the children.

We continue to have an active School Advisory Council and English Language Advisory Council.  Please join us to learn more about the school's categorical programs and student progress. We meet on Tuesday's from 8:30 - 10.  Please check our monthly calendar for our next meeting.  We have FREE food, prizes and babysitting.

Parents, thank you all in advance for all you will do to make Lincoln a GREAT school.  I look forward to working with you and will continue to maintain an open door policy to ensure good communication between school and home.  Lincoln is your child's home away from home.  I invite you to make it yours too.  Welcome to a new school year!